Some goals for March

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This year, I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions, not even a non-committal ‘read more books’ or ‘get back into running’ – because I’ve come to the conclusion that January’s never going to be the ideal backdrop to any lifestyle changes. It’s the bleak Monday morning of the year as the last of the tinsel’s taken down and we return to our desks and routines.

March feels like a more natural time to get organised and have a mental spring clean – it’s getting a tiny bit lighter in the mornings, daffodils begin to appear and Mini Eggs go on sale.

I’ve arrived at March in a good place. Despite constantly moaning about not having ANY time while managing to watch every episode of Celebs Go Dating, I’m feeling calm and optimistic.

I remember hearing the quote ‘Don’t have big dreams, have lots of little dreams and some of them are sure to come true’, and I’m not sure I subscribe to it – our dreams should be huge and make us feel nervous because of how big they are. I don’t think there’s any harm in risking failure.

But with day-to-day goals and lifestyle tweaks, I think it’s important to be realistic and not put tooo much pressure on ourselves. I nearly signed up for a half marathon this year but actually felt it would just be one stress too many right now, and that this year wasn’t the year.

Sure, it would have been a huge achievement and would have allowed me to raise money for a charity I have a connection with, but it would have also given me a deadline to panic about late at night – it would have meant I HAD to go out running when all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa under three blankets and watch YouTube videos.

Time to stop rambling, Millie. Here are my (very standard and predictable) March goals:

Get more organised and have more routine.
I’ve never been a huge planner but I’d like to make some time every week to plan ahead, thinking about things like meal planning (the number of times Pret appears on my bank statement is getting out of hand). I’d like to pencil in when I’m going to attack my life admin, when I’m going to go for runs, as well as fun things like day trips and seeing friends for coffee, because these are the things that give me life on a Sunday evening as the existential dread creeps in.

Take better care of myself.
I’m talking about the small, superficial things that really add up – getting your nails done, buying fresh flowers, having a long bath or a takeaway after a long week. I’m not always the best at this and tend not to treat myself and save the money instead, but these little things really do make me feel like a new woman when I’m feeling frazzled.

Start keeping a diary again.
I’ve gone in phases, but for years I’ve kept diaries. I’ve slipped out of the habit over the last year and as someone that wants to be a writer, I need to be putting pen to paper each day. My memory is terrible, so I’d like to have a record of this time. I also used to find it a huge relief to get thoughts out on paper before going to sleep.

And that’s it! What are your goals for March?


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