I spent a week without caffeine, here’s what happened

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Well, I live to tell the tale, guys.

I had a whole week without any tea or coffee. Admittedly, we did have bank holiday Monday, so my caffeine-free week was cut short slightly.

And it meant that I didn’t have to struggle through the Monday morning grind without a caffeine boost – so that definitely made things a hell of a lot easier. But I did stick to it, making it to the end of Friday unscathed.

Here are a few things to note.

There were a couple of brain-fogged, unproductive moments when I nearly cracked, but I actually felt okay most of the time. I did make sure I got my 8 hours of sleep though, so I’m not sure how I’d have fared if I’d had late nights.

I felt a real need for a coffee or tea mid-afternoon – WAY more than in the morning. When you know that you can’t have any caffeine, you kind of get over it and plough through. A big part of that was actually drinking water, and I think the whole thing encouraged me to keep hydrated.

I still had a couple of red bush/peppermint teas over the course of the day, and these hot drinks were absolutely crucial. I realised that, for me, a big part of wanting a cup of tea is the comfort of having a nice warm brew in your hands when life feels like a struggle.

This week has definitely made me realise that caffeine does affect me, whereas before I felt like I was missing something. A coffee would make me feel a little bit more awake, and annoyingly, an evening coffee would always keep me up at night.

But I’ve never felt like it did very much, and I’ve never fully got the hype – at least not on the same level as some of my coffee-dependent friends.

It never really seemed to wake me up like it does other people, so I just ended up drinking a morning coffee out of hope. But now that the idea of another caffeine-free week fills me with dread, I think it’s fair to say I’m pretty hooked.

Time to put the kettle on.

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