An ode to the weekend away

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As you guys know, I’m all for the relaxed, generally uneventful weekend at home spent tackling the mountain of washing that’s formed in the corner of your bedroom, having an early night and a lazy lie in and catching up with a friend over coffee. I bloody love those restful, battery-charging weekends that give you the fuel and calm to crack on with your week.

But the power of getting some megabus tickets and having a weekend away is never to be underestimated. And this is something I often forget.

With my boyfriend living back at home home in Bristol, I’ve been visiting and getting to know the city a lot better, discovering cafes and street art and pubs – and although it involves a coach journey either side of it, it’s made me come back to London feeling refreshed.

I’m visiting family in Sheffield for Easter this weekend, and I’ve been looking forward to a weekend away from London more than usual. I’m so excited to take up residence on the sofa, to go for walks and see some wide open spaces. I’m also very excited to not have to remember my keys, constantly buy food and do all those painfully adult things like buying bin bags and toothpaste for a few days.

Sometimes it feels surreal, living in a flat in London with friends, going off to work every day and going out and making the most of London – I’m living a life that teenage me would have been amazed by.

But sometimes you reach a point where you just really need some down time and some true home comforts, and that’s definitely where I’m at currently.

Although things really aren’t so bad. It’s coming to that time of year – up until this year – where exams are looming, and deadlines are coming at you even faster. Every single year since I was a teenager, April has been synonymous with the sheer terror of oral exams, panic eating mini eggs and living on a countdown until my first exam. April’s when things start to get serious, when the new stationery and note pads are purchased and revision timetables are designed, colour co-ordinated and mounted on walls.

So I’m beyond relieved and incredibly grateful not to be under the same amount of stress this year. Deadlines always feel that bit too soon and days spanning ahead of you suddenly evaporate, and you end up running on a mix of fumes and adrenaline. And to make things worse, you can never really enjoy totally guilt-free days of doing nothing, because you could be studying.

I really don’t miss being a student. A time will come when I do, but honestly, working life has been far, far more chilled in many ways, mainly because your weekends are your own.

I’m getting side tracked here, so back to my original point. It’s surprisingly easy to forget that there’s life beyond London – it sounds silly, but life happens and once you’re back in London it feels like you’re taking a dancing partner’s hand and you’re off fox trotting around the dance floor and you’re just doing your best to keep up. It’s exciting and living in London often feels like some kind of a game that you can never complete because there’s just so much you could potentially do with your time.

But stepping away from it for a few days once in a while is a welcome breather from all the high speed dancing.



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