23 Reasons Why December Is the Best


Now I don’t want to alarm you, but we’ve already reached the 7th of December. We’ve had a full WEEK of festive magic and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like I need to make the most of it before the new year swings around. Because it’s December, and anything goes. Quality Streets and mince pies at any hour of the day? Well of course: December. Here are a few things that make December the absolute best month.

1. You get to start the day by going downstairs, turning on the Christmas tree lights and opening the little door of your advent calendar. There’s just no contest – the December morning routine beats every other month hands down.

2. Christmas songs in the car, and the unapologetic joy you feel when Mistletoe and All I Want For Christmas come on.

3. The occasional day when you glance out the window and oh my God it’s SNOWING, Twitter goes wild and everyone temporarily forgets about Brexit and Trump and the gender pay gap, even if it’s unlikely to settle. Because have you seen? IT’S SNOWING!

4. Seeing all the Christmas lights appearing on people’s houses, and spotting one that legit looks like the house Colin from Love Actually stays in during his America trip.

5. The holiday cheer in the air means that out and about, everyone’s in a slightly better mood.

6. When you haven’t really been feeling that festive, but you’re at a Christmas market or sat by the fire belting out Christmas songs with a friend and some Bailey’s, and it happens. You can now confirm that you’re finally feeling Christmassy. Thank goodness for that.

7. Endless cups of tea and hot chocolate.

8. Leaving work and adult responsibilities like remembering to buy toothpaste behind, and travelling home for Christmas.

9. Christmas wreaths on people’s front doors provide exceptional photo opportunities, even if it causes your front door envy to sky rocket.

10. The moment when pubs start selling mulled wine and cider and you just could not be happier about it.

11. Choosing a Christmas tree and debating over your two final options, then looking at the first one you saw and thinking, yes, you are our tree.

12. Then you get it home and it’s better than any air freshener you could imagine, and every now and then you just catch it out the corner of your eye and have to stand and stare at it.

13. Getting into full elf mode and spending an entire evening wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards with a mulled wine and Christmas tunes blaring.

14. Digging out the Christmas decorations and sitting methodically untangling the lights and trying to approach it as a therapeutic exercise instead of angrily shaking the hell out of them.

15. The Christmas day cheese board. Not to mention all those festive foods like cranberry sauce and parsnips that for some reason you never have all year round. Then there’s the Christmas canapés and nibbles, and the boxes of Panettone that quite literally start to take over the supermarkets.

16. Stopping whatever you’re doing because The Holiday is about to start, and it would go against everything you believe in not to watch it. Kate Winslet’s narration in the opening and the moment when she finds out that Jasper guy’s getting married breaks your heart every single time.

17. When you catch the smell of a roast cooking and you know some crispy roast potatoes are on the cards.

18. Reading out the joke from your cracker at Christmas dinner and being like lol that’s so naff, but secretly LOVING it and making a mental note for your personal bank of jokes.

19. Wrapping up in hats and scarves and going for the post-Christmas dinner walk, and seeing loads of people you never usually see wandering around out doing the same.

20. Festive pyjamas, bed sheets and jumpers. All of the cosy, Christmassy good stuff.

21. Obligatory family games of Cluedo, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit and the feeling of pride like no other when you win for the first time in years.

22. When the special Christmas food begins to appear in the fridge and you have to try desperately hard not to break into it before Christmas day.

23. The Crimbo Limbo period after Boxing Day and before New Year’s Eve when no one has any idea what’s going on. You end up spending days in your pyjamas watching Cash in the Attic while making your way through the left over nut roast and party snacks, because you aren’t gonna let that good stuff go to waste.

What do you love about December? Let me know in the comments!


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