A Catch Up


I’m writing this two mulled wines down after a festive afternoon spent going and getting the Christmas tree from Fermoy’s with Mum, but I thought it’d be nice to write a little update of what’s been going on. Because it’s been a while, hasn’t it?


I guess the biggest news is that I finished uni – I managed to get through exams without having a nervous breakdown, I’m no longer a student and I never have to do a French oral exam ever, ever again. The relief is bloody huge.

Graduation was the best day, from the early morning Uber ride to Senate House and seeing everyone getting their gowns fitted, to introducing my parents to my teachers and the evening drinks with course pals after an entire day of free alcohol. I felt proud of myself and of all my SELCS friends – we’d actually made it and were graduates after four years of unrelenting Use of French Devoirs Écrits.


I don’t miss being a student at all yet as it doesn’t feel long ago that I was facing deadline after deadline and cycling to and from the library all the time. And although being a graduate’s so, so different, I’m managing the lack of routine and direction quite well so far.

Since uni, I’ve been interning at different magazines to build up experience – I went to The Daily Touch up in Manchester first which was THE MOST fun, writing and editing articles for students and graduates, and working in the friendliest office I’ve ever experienced. They had cereals to choose from each morning and a table tennis table and an exciting lunch out every Friday. After a long summer break, it really helped me get back into a writing rhythm.

After that, I came back to London and did work experience at heatworld, where I wrote articles about The Apprentice, updated Love Island people’s profiles and learnt a lot about SEO.

Then I moved over to The Debrief, an online magazine aimed at young women which I absolutely LOVE (have a look here). This placement challenged my time-keeping skills as I had to pitch and write lots of news stories each day and do other general jobs like answering the phone (I had a mini heart attack every single time it rang). But I felt very inspired by the writers and gained confidence in my own ideas. I’m off to Radio Times next Monday, which I’m really excited about.

I’ve stayed with friends, who I’m extremely grateful for, and I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to rent somewhere in London again as I miss having my own little fairy light-adorned bedroom so much. All I can do is keep my eye out and keep applying.



Recently, I’ve been spending some much-needed down time in Devon, catching up with friends and going on days out with Mum, which has been just what I needed. And sleeping in my own bed, yaaas.

I’ve been feeling so Christmassy from the get-go this year, and dog walking with my friend’s dog, Poppy, Exeter shopping and visiting Totnes Christmas market have had me feeling even more festive. We went to a veggie/vegan place called Herbies in Exeter for lunch and it was INcredible. I’d so recommend it, even if you’re not vegetarian as I’m still dreaming about that dhal…



That’s probably it for now, I better get back to decorating the tree and trying not to consume all of the little Lindt bear decorations before anyone else bar me and Mum sees it.










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