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Well bonjour! I’m back blogging again and I’m so, so happy about it.

I don’t really know where to begin with this post as it’s been so long. There’s a lot of catching up to do – probably too much for one sitting. Final year at uni hijacked any of my attempts to keep posting regularly – I kept trying but it just proved impossible, and I was totally lacking in inspiration. All I had to talk about was library life and oh my god how hard are these Italian translations? So I thought, you know what, let’s leave the blog be for now. Let’s put it on the shelf and come back to it later. I felt really bad about not sticking with it, for disappearing into thin air, but I didn’t want to churn posts out for the sake of it.

Since graduating, I’ve really missed having my own little space to write, and I’ve realised that having a blog is actually very important to me. So we’re back in business and I can’t wait to get going *insert dancing lady emojis*.

It’s going to be much of the same as before – lists, lifestyle, book reviews, general musings and not quite Pinterest-worthy flat lays. It’s so hard to make good feature images and I have no idea how people do it, but I’ll keep trying. I’m hoping that everything I’ve learnt at different internship placements recently (I’ve just been at The Daily Touchheatworld, The Debrief and Marie Claire) will help me deliver higher quality content than before. If you’d like to have a gander at the kind of thing I wrote for these magazines, have a look here. Writing for Marie Claire was a real mini life goal completed.

As you may have noticed, the blog has a fresh new layout, which I absolutely love. I like the fact it’s minimal, the font’s very readable, and it also reminds me a bit of the basic Cubic theme I had way back when I first started in 2014. It was one of the free ones on wordpress and I think the only word to describe it is ‘clunky’.

It’s also now This is because a) it sounds quite writerly and ‘xyz’ is something I often end up saying in conversation, and b) it’s cheaper than other domains. I like it and it feels nice to have a change, as I feel like this self-named blog has matured along with me.

Anyway, I hope your December’s started off nicely with exciting advent calendar chocolates, Christmas music and cosy evenings watching telly and cracking out the mince pies. I’ve just come home to Devon for a break before I start another internship back in London, and after last night spent sitting by the fire listening to Christmas songs at my friend, Becky’s house, I’m now fully embracing the Christmas spirit.

I hope you had an amazing autumn full of crunchy leaves, dark red nail polish and apple crumble, and I really hope you enjoy what’s to come.


PS. There are loads of super old blog posts visible on the website right now that I’m a little embarrassed about, including my first EVER post , the one about coming home to Devon, and even an Honest Burger review. I didn’t want to get rid of them forever, so feel free to have a look before they get buried…


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