29 Thoughts You Have While Running


1. What a lovely day for a run!


2. This feels great! I should really do this more often.


3. (Ten minutes later) Oh no, this is horrific.


4. I’m just going to stare ahead and keep on running.


5. It’s such a relief to just get out running, having nothing required of you for a bit apart from just keeping going.


6. Right, what do I need to do today?


7. They say you really start running when you forget you’re running, don’t they?


8. ~ Connecting with nature ~


9. Maybe I’ll cut this run short.


10. How much are you meant to move your arms? I’m probably running like Phoebe Bouffay right now.


11. Did I lock the door?


12. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth… Well, now I’m feeling really light-headed.


13. I don’t even enjoy this.


14. Okay I’m just going to tell myself that I’m gonna fail at my exams if I don’t get up this hill.


15. This is torture, how can people get addicted to this? Of all things?


16. Oh, hello there fellow runner.


17. I can’t go on.


18. But BREAKFAST is around the corner.


19. Despite the pain of this I do always feel so much more productive and positive once I get home.


20. Wonderful, another set of traffic lights!


21. I need to make a better running playlist, please let the next song to come on be good.


22. Absolutely everything hurts.


23. Later, I shall have pizza.


24. Doesn’t Paula Radcliffe count while she’s running? Maybe I should count.


25. Why do I do this to myself?


26. Running is such an easy sport to get into.




28. I made it!


29. Running’s not so bad.



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