Monday Motivation

Given that it’s Monday, freezing, and getting dark by the time we head home in the evening, I’ve put together a little Monday motivation list.

So here are fifteen ideas for those days when getting out of bed and just doing the day feels a real challenge, the days when you need one of those people conveyor belts you get at airports to drag you along, and when you’re torn between adopting a ‘Get on with it’ attitude and wanting to light some candles and fold yourself up in your duvet like a fajita.

  1. Have an awesome breakfast. The thought of porridge with banana and cinnamon and a cup of black coffee definitely helps me get out of bed in the morning.


  1. Decide upon three ambitious but achievable goals for the day, and be sure to reward yourself when they’re done. I spoke about self-care in my ‘Being Your Own Best Friend’ post, but it’s relevant here too. Buy the pumpkin latte, the blueberry muffin, the gingerbread incense sticks from Zara Home.

or in my case, a pear and chocolate tart with a hot chocolate

  1. Plan ahead, so you have coffee catch ups and other little darts of sunlight through your cloudy Monday – even if that’s simply a bath with a Lush bath bomb or catching up on First Dates.


  1. I’m in two minds about ‘To Do’ lists, as during my ‘integrating into French life’ period – which thankfully is just about over – I made one almost every day, lost them, found them, and was frankly a little tortured by them. This said, it can make you feel much clearer about what you have to do, and seeing everything that’s buzzing around in your head written down on paper in neat bullet points can make it all seem far less daunting.
  1. If it’s for your studies, ensure that you’re fully equipped in terms of beautiful stationery.
  1. Look at your day ahead and ask yourself why you’re doing the things you’re doing.
  1. Google motivational quotes, because you’re bound to find one that speaks to you. Copy it out in coloured felt tip pens and blue tac it to your wall.


  1. Exercise. I’ve been called ‘the anti-sport’ by a close friend so if you don’t take my advice, I really don’t blame you. But I’ve recently been making a deal with myself to go running twice a week. Doing a bit of exercise, paradoxically, gives us so much more energy and a more productive mindset.
  1. Organise things to look forward to over the next month – weekends away, dinner parties, those things that give you the feeling you get when the takeaway deliveryman arrives.
  1. Think about who or what inspires you. Print out pictures and quotes of people that act as role models for you. We tend to lose sight of inspirational figures, but it’s very helpful to look up to people who have attributes that you’d like to emulate.
  1. Find time in your day to sit quietly, without going on Twitter.
  1. Make a motivational playlist.
  1. Random acts of kindness. Doing things for others distracts us from our own worries and stresses. Pick up some postcards and stamps and send messages to friends. Be a little kinder than you have to be.
  1. Sleep well.
  1. Look back to where you were this time a year ago, two years ago, and five years ago. What you were doing, how you were feeling. Think about how much you have grown and overcome – and go forward as the best, shiny version of yourself it’s possible to be.


     ~ + ~ + ~

Refer back to this post whenever you’re looking at everything you have to do and are tempted to conclude that the best action to take is to take a nap.


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