An Ode to the Routine

The humble routine isn’t the most glamorous of topics is it? At least it’s not something we tend to rave about. It might be kind of appealing after a two-week long…

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Why I’m Embracing Valentine’s Day

23 Things I’ve Learnt This Year

Keeping a Diary as Mind Management

I’m on an early morning car journey to the airport, as we’re off on holiday to Lanzarote, and I’m about nine. As we roll down the familiar country lanes absent…

23 Reasons Why December Is the Best

A Catch Up

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29 Thoughts You Have While Running

1. What a lovely day for a run!   2. This feels great! I should really do this more often.   3. (Ten minutes later) Oh no, this is horrific.…

What I Think We Mean When We Say …

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation